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Dec 22 2021


6:30 pm

Christmas Switcholio Cornhole Tourney

We are Switching it up for cornhole this next Wednesday so come join us!! What’s new you ask? We will be playing with the Switcholio format again this week. Come dressed in your finest ugly Christmas sweater, or just your finest Christmas sweater and bring your friends for a fun time!
What is Switcholio? It is a round robin format where you get assigned a different blind draw partner each round. Should be a lot of fun so bring your friends and come down to the American Legion in Powell on Wednesday December 22. Entry fee is $5/person. Bags fly at 6:30 pm.
There will also be food served starting at 6:00 pm for a great price!
Download the Scoreholio app on your phone and click Pre-register on Christmas Switcholio 12/22/21.

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