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Oct 02 2021


8:30 am - 1:00 pm

BBCW: Saturday University

Saturday University

October 2, 2021

Doors open at 8:30 a.m.
Presentations at 9, 10, & 11 a.m.
Roundtable discussion with speakers over a free lunch follows

The University of Wyoming brings three members of its award-winning faculty to Cody to share global research with Wyoming relevance. This Saturday University takes us on a journey around the world to discuss women’s suffrage, the armed man, and human/animal encounter—all issues that resonate in Wyoming.

Moderator: Dr. Caroline McCracken-Flesher, Director of the Center for Global Studies, University of Wyoming

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9 a.m.  •  The Visual Propaganda of Women’s Suffrage: Legacies in Wyoming, New Zealand, and Australia

By Dr. Colleen Denney, Professor of Art History and Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Wyoming

Dr. Denney takes us along on her journey to women’s suffrage monuments around the world. She shares students’ service-learning experiences on women’s activism and the advancement of women’s rights.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Karen McWhorter talks to professor Denney about her upcoming presentation:

10 a.m.  •  The Armed Man: A Figure in Mexican Cultural Politics

By Dr. Nicholas Crane, Assistant Professor of Geography and International Studies, University of Wyoming

Since the 1910 Revolution, Mexicans in multiple sectors have revered the armed man as an embodiment of authenticity and masculinity. In the Drug War, that figure remains prominent and problematic. As American armaments flow south from the United States, and drug-war migrants flee north, Dr. Crane discusses the circulation of this figure for what it shows about cultural dynamics in greater Mexico, including the borderlands.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Danny Michael chats with assistant professor Crane:

11 a.m.  •  Fragmenting Habitats and Human-Elephant Conflicts in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

By Dr. Ramesh Sivanpillai, Research Scientist, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

In the burgeoning manufacturing and economic hub of Coimbatore, development encroaches on wildlife corridors. Now elephants raid crop fields, resulting in infrastructure and economic losses, and in human and elephant deaths. From his work with stakeholders, Dr. Sivanpillai discusses the measures available to protect investment and minimize casualties.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Nathan Doerr talks to professor Sivanpillai about his work and how it relates to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem:

The presentations are followed by a roundtable discussion with the speakers over a free lunch.

Saturday University is sponsored by the University of Wyoming, Wyoming community colleges, and Wyoming communities.

Contact: UW Office of Engagement and Outreach, www.uwyo.edu/engagement

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