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Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Buffalo Bill Center of the West


Buffalo Bill Center of the West
BBCW | 720 Sheridan Ave, Cody, Wyoming


Jul 21 2023


6:00 pm

Cody Firearms Museum: Made in America

Join the Cody Firearms Museum curator, Danny Michael, on July 21st at 6pm in exploring the colorful history of firearms manufacturing and tradition in America.

During this premium 2-hour event, Danny Michael will share facts, stories, and tidbits about artifacts from the Cody Firearms Museum collection and the unique histories that come with them! You’ll get up close with the artifacts and prototypes that helped shape the American gun industry and learn why some things worked, why some things didn’t, and why some things may land you in jail… or worse.

Participants in this Exclusive Tours event will have the opportunity to get up close to a John Moses Browning prototype, a one-of-a-kind Winchester, and other world-changing American firearms!

Following the tour, Danny Michael will bring the group back to the Exclusive Tours Depot for Q&A, custom charcuterie, and adult beverages. Guests will get to celebrate the month of July and the history of firearms with our special “Buffalo Smash” cocktail and Rifle Trifle desserts.

This VIP Exclusive Tour experience is $60 per person, and just $55 for Center of the West members. Spots are limited! Advanced registration is required.

Don’t miss this exciting and exclusive evening!
For questions, email tours@centerofthewest.org or call/text the Exclusive Tours Office at 307-254-7073.

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