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Aug 28 2022


8:30 am

Corral Creek with Dr. Laura Scheiber

The Yellowstone Chapter of the Wyoming Archaeological Society is excited to invite you to the residential and hunting stone feature complex at Corral Creek, led by Dr. Laura Scheiber. This amazing private site consists of tipi ring campsites and hunting drive-lines up in the Southfork Valley near the Chinese Wall. These features are currently under archaeological investigation.

The drive to the site will take approximately one hour, four wheel drive is recommended. There will be the opportunity to carpool. Expect moderate hiking; bring plenty of water, sunscreen and lunch! We will meet at the Walmart parking lot near the automotive side at 8:30 am on Sunday August 28th.

The field experience is limited to 20 participants, please RSVP to wyomingarchaeologist@gmail.com. This is sure to be an amazing day and we look forward to seeing you there!

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