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The Square
The Square | 1130 Sheridan Ave


Apr 06 2022


5:00 pm

Elevator Pitch Playground

You’re invited to yet another fun and functional series here @theSquare. Since this space is the gateway to innovation, what better way to come up with new ideas than to meet new like-minded people?
AKA Networking! Which is exactly what April’s workshops are all about.
And to kick things off, the first session will cover introductions. You’ll get hands-on experience honing and practicing your 30 second intro. You may have heard this referred to as “The Elevator Pitch”.
When you attend on April 6th, you’ll discover…
**How to communicate exactly what you do, without tripping over your own tongue.
**The top 3 pitfalls to avoid when mixing and mingling.
**The secret to creating a lasting first impression (even months or years after your first encounter).
** And much much more…!
So, make sure to RSVP, bring a friend, and show up at 5pm this coming Wednesday!

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