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The Colonel Venue & Cigar Lounge
1328 Beck Ave, Cody, WY


Jun 23 2022


8:30 pm

Live Music at The Colonel: Rich Cloud

If you like down home music played with wit and style………Cloud’s songwriting steals the show! ( j. poet)

Looking through the smoky veil of time, back to the turbulent sixties, a teenage boy awakened to find a fabulous gift. A gift that would change his life forever. It was his first guitar.

Rich Cloud had already been kicking around with piano, strings, and woodwinds. But here was an instrument he could sing with AND carry out into the world. An instrument that begged, no, demanded to go forth into the world and be heard.

And so it began. Off he went to the land of folk music where he started developing his songwriting skills. From there it was easy to find blues and bluegrass, eventually leading to rock and country.

By the nineties Rich had discovered electricity. He found himself playing country dance music across Montana and Wyoming. Pretty soon it was Texas to California and points between. He was living the self styled life of a vagabond troubadour. Finally he tired of the travel and decided to play more locally.

Rich returned to his acoustic roots and his 1955 Guild and called on his fifty years of songwriting experience for material. Now he offers his audience the words and music he has always loved. Finely crafted originals and select covers.

Mr. Cloud’s words tell stories of the American west and the people who live there. His songs paint pictures of majestic mountains and azure skies, of meandering trails and cool, quiet nights. Nights that would swallow you like a deep lake and hold you softly as a contented child.

Come spend some time with Rich Cloud. He’s a songwriter and he’s got something to say.

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