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Cody Craft Brewing
1732 Sheridan Ave, Cody, WY


Apr 21 2023


6:00 pm

Music Bingo

We’ve been running ‘Beer or Box Bingo’ for the past few weeks, and it’s been a blast! Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to play and win! We’ve decided to make some tweaks based on some great feedback & suggestions we’ve gotten!

Starting Friday, April 21st, we will be hosting Music Bingo! Going forward, bingo will be held on the third Friday of each month, and it’ll be Music Bingo!

What is Music Bingo? Well, it’s just like regular bingo. Instead of hearing a letter and a number, you’ll hear a song! Mark your card and win! Pop, Rock, Country…all genres are included!

We’ll provide more details as we get closer, but we’re excited about the newest iteration of bingo!

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The event is finished.