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The Square
The Square | 1130 Sheridan Ave


Apr 13 2022


5:00 pm

Network Conversation Mastery

Picture this: you’ve just arrived at a networking event.
The smell of fresh Sharpie is in the air as you stick your name-tag to your jacket.
Your eyes scan the room looking for some new people to meet.
Someone approaches you with a smile and shakes your hand.
After a brief introduction, though…
Out of nowhere, the conversation dies.
Leaving the two of you standing there, avoiding eye contact until one of you blurts out an awkward goodbye.
A potential connection, squandered.
Has this ever happened to you?
If it has, don’t sweat it – this sort of thing happens to everyone!
But imagine…
What if you had the skills to keep the conversation going long after the introduction?
Wouldn’t it be magical if you could talk to these strangers like you would an old friend you haven’t seen in years?
Well, that’s exactly what you’ll discover how to do in this week’s workshop.
It’s the second installment of April’s networking-focused classes.
Attending might just grow your network by unthinkable numbers from now until the end of your career.
So, make sure to RSVP, bring a friend, and show up at 5pm this coming Wednesday!

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