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The W Arena
The W Arena | 2631 Highway 120 South, Cody Wyoming

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May 30 2021


8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Phil Haugen Horsemanship & Barrel Racing Clinic

What to Expect

Our Barrel Racing Clinics focus on fundamental exercises and drills that provide a solid foundation for success in the barrel racing discipline. In addition to the Level 1-3 exercises, riders will have the opportunity to work their horses on the pattern and receive personalized feedback on their performance.

Students can expect to learn and practice skills, such as:

– Lateral softness, vertical softness and collection
– Softness in the ribcage
– Eliminating stiffness and elevation of a horse’s head in a run
– Letting your horse move out naturally while maintaining proper collection
– Smooth stops, turnarounds, lead departures, and turns
– Controlling your horse’s hindquarters
– Setting your horse up for a lead change
– Building your horse’s confidence and reinforcing good habits
– Improving communication with your horse and applying the training methods to your discipline

Tuition Packages

Riding Spot Package | $600 per rider
∙ Two Full Days of Riding Instruction with Phil Haugen
∙ 20+ Page Foundation to Finish Workbook
∙ Lunch & Networking Opportunities
∙ Swag Bag with Items from Event Sponsors

Audit-Only Package | $250 per person
Auditors are welcome to observe all instruction throughout the clinic. Auditors who pre-register online will also receive:
∙ 20+ Page Foundation to Finish Workbook
∙ Q&A Session with Phil Haugen
∙ Lunch & Networking Opportunities

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