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The Square
The Square | 1130 Sheridan Ave


Feb 23 2022


5:00 pm

The Intangibles of Influence

If you’ve been following along with February’s workshops… You know the whole month so far has been focused on persuasion and influence.
And this workshop is no different.
Up until now, the classes have covered the basic tactical ways to share your passions with others in the most persuasive way possible.
But what about the intangibles? What about those magical parts of communication that you just can’t explain?
Well, this coming Wednesday, when you come to Cody’s premiere coworking space, where you’ll find a better understanding of these mystical components of a great conversation.
What does this mean exactly?
That will depend on you.
Because this workshop will have a loose structure with tons of time for questions. Giving you the reins of precisely which of your communication skills you’d like to improve. Especially in the arena of convincing others to take action.
So be sure to RSVP, attend, and bring your questions to make this a great class for you and your peers!


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