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The Square
The Square | 1130 Sheridan Ave


Feb 16 2022


5:00 pm

The Yes Factor

Persuasion and influence are integral parts of being human. We’re social creatures and require many exchanges with one another.
Whether this exchange shows up on the individual, family, or community level…
What it boils down to is helping each other for the greatest good of all involved!
Which is exactly why we’re focusing all @theSquare February workshops on persuasion and influence.
And this coming class is the cornerstone of both. It’s called The “Yes” Factor.
You see, in order to persuade and influence someone, you have to ask them for a commitment.
And after you attend this workshop, you’ll be well equipped with the tools to stand tall and ask for that commitment – while staying cool, calm, and collected.
Because this is where the action happens.This is where all money is made and all movements start. This is where ideas become reality.
On top of all the above, you’ll also discover how to:
❇️ Get over the butterflies in your tummy and ask for what you want with confidence
❇️ Make your ask so irresistible that they actually feel good about saying yes to you
❇️ Help people get out of their own way so they can change their life for the better
And so much more…
So make sure to RSVP, mark your calendar, and show up at 5pm this coming Wednesday!

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