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Jul 13 2022


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WYO Gives: Downrange Warriors

WyoGives – an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network – is a powerful, statewide 24-hour online fundraising event that is designed to bring the state together as one community to raise money and awareness for Wyoming’s nonprofits.

The 3rd annual WyoGives will take place Wednesday, July 13, 2022, with 250+ organizations participating. From this website platform, you can easily search and donate to nonprofits. In some cases, your donation will be matched by a partner the nonprofit has recruited or by our matching and challenge partners according to their parameters. Be sure to come back here on July 13th (anytime in that 24-hour period) and support your favorite causes and watch the ticker count the donations coming in!

Downrange Warriors is a veteran led nonprofit organization dedicated to combat veteran suicide prevention (national average is 20-22 per day). We do not use the “D” (in P.T.S.D.) because we do not believe it to be a disorder. We are not damaged goods. Rather it is a normal reaction to very abnormal things we have either experienced or witnessed. We offer a toolbox of faith-based hope and guidance to the veteran to assist them in reintegrating into civilian life while remaining the “leaders worth following” they were trained to be in the military. Throughout the year we host events and activities for the veteran and their families in order to get them involved with like-minded individuals rather than getting pulled into the self-isolation spiral. That thought spiral starts with protecting the ones they love and eventually ends in thoughts of suicide. Remember “You Are Not Alone”. Reach out and talk to someone who has been where you are and is on the other side of the mine field called civilian life. You need to take that honorable and brave step to care for the ones that prayed you home. Downrange Warriors guides the veteran and their spouse through that process.

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