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Mar 19 2022


8:00 am - 11:00 am

Wyoming Concealed Carry Class

This concealed carry class fulfills the training required by the Wyoming Attorney General to qualify for a Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permit.
Why get a Wyoming CFP when Wyoming is a Constitutional carry state? There are many benefits to holding this CFP, including skipping the background check on firearm purchases, carrying in national parks, and carry privileges in nearly 40 states. Click here for current reciprocity.
Class length: 3 hours
Range time: none
(not required for permit)
What to bring:
Pre-registration ticket or receipt
Something to take notes with
State-issued photo ID
Do NOT bring weapons or ammunition into the classroom
You do not need a gun to take this class
Class topics include:
The safe loading, unloading, storage, and carrying of firearms to be concealed
Current laws defining lawful self defense, use of force by private citizens, including use of deadly force, transportation, and concealment.Pistol operation
Pistol cartridges and components
Ammunition malfunctions
Maintenance and cleaning
Holster selection / concealment techniques

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